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  1. International taxation
  2. Tax withholding issues
  3. Expatriate taxation
  4. Tax dispute resolution
  5. Tax advice on acquisitions
  6. Corporate and business structuring
  7. Mergers (including cross-border mergers)
  1. Corporate tax planning
  2. Goods and services tax (GST)
  3. Custom and excise duties and foreign trade policy related matters
  4. Tax costs and input tax credits impacting proposed business models​
  5. Tax litigation, including representation before tax authorities, tribunals and courts
  6. Transfer pricing

Digital Service Tax on ecommerce business: controversy and way ahead

The central government levied a 2% Digital Service Tax (“DST”) on the goods and services of international e-commerce businesses with an annual turnover of at least Rs. 2 crore, including Amazon, Walmart-owned Flipkart, and others, in its Finance Bill of 2020–21…Read more

Expatriate taxation in India

India is a popular destination for expatriates who want to work and live in a diverse and vibrant country. However, expatriates need to be aware of the tax implications of their income earned in India, as well as their tax obligations in their home country….                              Read more

Tax Dispute Resolution in India

India’s Union Budget 2023, tabled by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament on February 1, 2023, envisages important steps in the field of dispute resolution. This blog post will discuss the latest developments in tax dispute resolution in India as of June…..  Read more

Tax evasion and avoidance: From an ethical and legal perspective

Tax evasion is the term used to describe the unlawful act of failing to disclose income, concealing assets, or making up deductions in order to lower tax obligations. Contrarily, tax avoidance refers to the legal practice of structuring one’s financial affairs to… Read more

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