India stands as one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world, with ambitious plans to claim the title of the world’s largest aviation market by 2030. The aviation sector plays a vital role in promoting equitable economic growth and enhancing a nation’s global competitiveness. Passenger airlines and air cargo carriers transcend geographical barriers, connecting remote and isolated regions to the mainstream.

The aviation industry is poised for continued robust growth, primarily driven by the burgeoning demand from India’s increasingly prosperous middle class. The government’s vision is to transform India into a global aviation hub, facilitating both domestic and international connectivity.

In the highly specialized arena of aviation law, Chandrawat & Partners offer comprehensive guidance and support. Our team specializes in international aircraft financing transactions, aviation law matters, and general aviation issues.

We collaborate closely with leading aviation lawyers worldwide, renowned for their expertise in aviation law, to provide clients with seamless legal support across all levels. This consortium approach empowers our clients with access to both Indian and international legal knowledge and capabilities, all under one roof.

Our advisory services span every significant facet of aviation law and litigation. We routinely assist a wide range of aviation clients, including airlines, airports, aviation service providers, maintenance organizations, and others, with transactional, corporate advisory, financing, regulatory, and litigation matters. Our expertise extends to international arbitrations linked to aviation operations.

We are widely recognized for our prowess in advising various airports, both domestic and international, and for our contributions to aviation-related litigation and arbitration, including international arbitration proceedings.

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