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India – New Zealand bilateral relations

India – New Zealand bilateral relations


India–New Zealand relations refer to the interaction between India and New Zealand. Both these countries were once part of the British Empire. There are approximately 175,000 people of Indian descent in New Zealand.


Bilateral relations were established between India and New Zealand in 1952. India has a High Commission in Wellington with an Honorary Consulate in Auckland, while New Zealand has a High Commission in New Delhi along with a Consulate in Mumbai, trade offices in New Delhi and Mumbai and an Honorary Consulate in Chennai.

India–New Zealand relations were cordial but not extensive after Indian independence. More recently, New Zealand has shown interest in extending ties with India due to India’s impressive GDP growth.

Trade Relations

The countries set up a Joint Trade Committee in 1983 and have had discussions on a free trade agreement either bilaterally or through the East Asian Summit, but this has not emerged due to disagreements over agricultural subsidies. There is also some educational cooperation, with around 23,000 Indian students studying in New Zealand.

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