Agriculture and Forestry

In the context of long-term sustainability, the agribusiness and forest products industries are gaining competitive advantages, particularly in sustainable agriculture and forest products industry sustainability. These sectors play pivotal roles in the global economy, yet they face challenges related to input prices and cost swings. To overcome these issues and move forward, our dedicated professionals with expertise in agribusiness sustainability and forest products are ready to assist you at every point along the value chain.

Our proficiency extends to supporting producers, manufacturers, agribusinesses, processors, distributors, cooperatives, retailers, and suppliers, offering vital assistance in ensuring sustainable supply and demand. We excel in offering patent drafting and prosecution services, safeguarding your competitive advantages and patent protection for agribusiness and the forest products sector.

Our team provides innovative legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food processing industry, supporting your interests locally, nationally, or on the international stage. We understand the importance of legal guidance for distributors, legal services for retailers, and legal advice for suppliers in sustaining the growth and development of your business.

Forest Management and Safety Protocols

Forest management encompasses a comprehensive approach to the planning and execution of strategies aimed at overseeing and utilising forests to achieve well-defined environmental, economic, social, and cultural goals. This multifaceted discipline addresses a…       Read more

Understanding the implications of the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill, 2023 on ‘Un classed Forests’ in the Northeast India and beyond

In recent times, there has been a diversity of interpretations, confusions, assumptions, and concerns surrounding the protection of ‘unclassed forests’. All of these have been prompted by the proposed Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill of 2023 which is….            Read more

Forest Policy and Governance: A Global Perspective

Forest issues have long been enmeshed in overriding international issues, such as financing for development, international trade, and transfer of environmentally sound technologies. The forest sector is not only a key component of sustainable…                     Read more

The Role of Technology in Modern Agriculture

Modern agriculture relies heavily on technology to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. The use of technology in the agriculture sector has transformed the way farmers manage their farms, improve crop health, and optimize resource usage….                    Read more

Seed Science and Development

Seed science and development is a critical aspect of modern agriculture, as it ensures the quality and productivity of crops. Seeds serve as the starting point for plant growth and productivity, and their quality and characteristics can significantly impact crop…                   Read more

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

Climate change is having a significant impact on agriculture, affecting food availability, access, and quality. The effects of climate change on agriculture are complex and multifaceted, and they vary depending on the region, crop, and farming practices. This will discuss….       Read more

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Sustainable agriculture is a process of farming using eco-friendly methods understanding and maintaining the relationship between the organisms and environment. In this process of agriculture and animal husbandry are combined to form a simultaneous….  Read more

Precision Agriculture: Using Technology to Improve Farming Practices

Precise agriculture, also known as precision agriculture or precision farming, is an innovative approach to farming that utilizes advanced technology to optimize agricultural production. It collects and analyzes data to make smarter, more efficient, and … Read more

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