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White collar criminality has become a global phenomenon with the rise of e-commerce and technology. Like any other country, India is also struggling with white-collar crimes. The recent advances in information technology have added new variations to white collar crime. There has been an unprecedented growth in new forms of white-collar computer dominated crime commonly known as cybercrimes.

These cases have become a matter of global concern and a challenge for law enforcement agencies in the new millennium due to the specific nature of this crime, which can be carried out anonymously, away from the victims and without any physical presence. In addition, cyber criminals use computer technology to inflict the damage without the risk of arrest. The main areas affected by cybercrime are banking and financial institutions, businesses, energy and telecommunication services, transportation, industries etc.


Our strong technical foundations and ability to access the network of external experts allow us to effectively investigate and analyze electronic evidence and to establish an effective means of preventing the recurrence of crime. We represent our clients in criminal and civil proceedings and provide advice to identify and minimize the risks and damage to reputation.

These support services range from providing an in-depth analysis of crime to the management, conducting forensic investigations into corporate matters, including audit and forensic reports, and preparing businesses for legal proceedings. The need for independent internal investigations has also increased due to strengthening of laws on compliances and reporting of white-collar crimes.

The rapid development of technology and the expansion of the Indian economy have led to a dramatic increase in white collar crimes. White-collar crime practice has been accompanied by a growing legal and regulatory regime in India and abroad. Our ability to deal with these cases is strengthened by the skills of our related teams, in particular, our banks and finance, companies, dispute resolution and tax teams.


Our enforcement team undertakes prosecution and defence for white collar and other crimes including; corporate fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust, impersonation, offences relating to documents and property marks, data theft and IT laws, email and internet fraud, defamation, contempt of court, money laundering, offences relating to legal metrology, offences affecting public health, safety and decency. Our criminal law practice is the epitome part of the services.

We conduct trials in complex criminal matters and civil enforcement proceedings assisted by court orders. This practice area entails regular interaction with the police and governmental machinery while ensuring compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and similar laws.

Our clients include businesses, public sector undertakings and senior government officials, chief executives, chairpersons and high net worth individuals, domestic and foreign. To prevent and minimize risks, as outlined by our company’s focus on “proactive risk management”, we also offer consulting services and training programs.

We have a distinctive team of professionals as we provide both advisory and litigation services along with expert assistance to clients in government and prosecutorial investigations.


  1. Corporate finance
  2. Examining and establishing compliance policies
  3. Collecting, preserving, certifying and analyzing evidence to help uncover facts
  4. Assisting companies to customize their anti-corruption and bribery policy to suit domestic and international laws
  5. Conducting training and awareness programs
  6. Detection, incident management and risk mitigation
  7. Cooperate with internal and external agencies to provide end to end management on breach of security and fraud incidents
  8. Implementing in-house processes to handle future incidents
  9. Litigation support in criminal and civil proceedings
  10. Cooperating with internal and external agencies to strategically mitigate damage to reputation and unwarranted publicity

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