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A nominee shareholder is appointed as a natural person or a body corporate created for the purpose of shielding the actual beneficial owners/investors of the company or sometimes to fulfil the requirements of the company to have a certain number of shareholders. Nominee shareholders are not the owner of the shares and are appointed by actual share holder to represent them on their behalf.

The nominee service is a way to protect the identity and anonymity of the company owner. The primary function of nominee shareholders is to maintain the anonymity of the real owner by taking their place in all public records relating to the company and non-governmental organizations.

Need for a Nominee shareholder

The term “Nominee shareholder ” refers to the registered ownership of shares held for someone else’s benefit (the beneficial owner). The beneficial owner may decide to nominate a nominee since there are various circumstances where business owners or shareholders opt not to declare their ownership of shares and wish to keep these confidential.

A nominee shareholder service is availed in such a circumstance where a nominee shareholder may be an individual or a body corporate. Brokers adopt the practice of creating a company to act as a nominee shareholder to ease the administration of buying and selling holdings on behalf of their clients.

The appointed individual will provide his personal information to the authorities so that the true shareholder’s identity is protected and is not disclosed to the government and in the company’s documents.

How can we help?

Our Nominee shareholder services provides the client with confidentiality while also giving an audit trail as to the clients ownership of the shares. This can be useful when you need to prove ownership, such as to the tax authorities or other regulatory bodies.

On being appointed for the duties of Nominee Shareholder, we would hold the shares on trust in the form of a Nominee Shareholders Agreement. Our Nominee Shareholders Agreement would serve the purpose of ensuring that your identity as a beneficial owner is only known to us, providing anonymity for the owner. It indicates that the shares are held in trust by the nominee shareholder for the benefit of the client and the client still has full ownership of his shares.

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