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Identify Synergies, Capture Values

India’s growth story over the past decades has been marked by an increasingly liberalized economy, advances in technology, greater access to capital, and reduced barriers to entry. These factors have contributed to a surge in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, transforming the M&A landscape of the country. We advise clients on M&A transactions, seeking to achieve their objectives while also ensuring that the deal is fair to all parties.

Mergers involve two companies combining their operations into a single entity, while acquisitions involve one company acquiring control of another business entity. The complexity of M&A transactions requires skilled and experienced advisors who can identify risks and opportunities, and add value throughout the transaction lifecycle. We provide integrated financial services and acquisition management solutions to make the M&A process easier.

We also assist financial and business investors in exploring investment opportunities and providing technical advisory services to support them in making effective and timely business and investment decisions.

Our M&A consulting team leverages their deep knowledge of the industry, strong data analysis skills, and experience to guide clients through key business processes and risk management processes before, during, and after transactions.

Our restructuring service assists organizations to identify sustainable cost effectiveness throughout the business during the restructuring and reorganization process. Our in depth field experience, enhanced by impactful data analysis, enables our clients to get the fair deal from transactions.

Capturing values at all phases of M&A value chain

We leverage our end-to-end expertise to identify valuable opportunities, achieve rapid cash flow savings, and skillfully integrate distinct procurement entities into new, high-value acquisitions. Our systematic approach to M&A success is based on rigorous analysis, specific execution and the experience in directing hundreds of successful M&A executions worldwide.

Our experts also develop and implement end-to-end solutions for successful transactions, from pre planning to post asset reorganization. We help our clients to drive performance and results across all key M&A related tasks, such as project management, commercial operations, operations and sales, IT systems, human capital management, and financial services.

Our Services

Our firm’s practice comprises domestic and international (inbound and outbound) M&A transactions across the complete M&A spectrum.

We provide the following M&A services:

  • Capital restructuring
  • Conversion of public companies to private companies
  • Business division takeovers
  • Winding-up proceedings
  • Asset/share transactions
  • Listed and private company takeovers
  • Joint ventures
  • Leveraged buyouts and management buyouts
  • International private equity/venture capital funds
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Merger sanctions
  • Transaction structuring
  • Business/asset transfer agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

With decades of transactional expertise and representation of diverse stakeholders, we have gained extensive knowledge in multivariate challenges and solutions in M&A transactions.

This, together with our gained extensive and anticipate market trends, deep understanding of domestic and global industries, sectors and markets sets us apart. We have the expertise to handle the strain of any M&A transaction, regardless of type, sector, or size.


Cross-border M&A is on the rise, as Indian businesses are increasingly viewed as attractive and profitable targets for acquisition by foreign entities. Our firm has consistently advised multinational companies across the globe in their forays into and out of India, drawing on our extensive international experience of working with and across prestigious law firms on different position matters.

Our experience in advising our strategic clients spans the entire breadth of corporate M&A transactions, from term sheets to closing, including:

  1. Public/private acquisitions and takeovers
  2. Public/private mergers
  3. Joint ventures and exits
  4. Negotiations
  5. Consolidations
  6. Carve-outs
  7. Minority interest acquisitions
  8. Asset reconstructions
  9. Demergers
  10. Buy-back
  11. Debt restructuring
  12. Structured exits

Our experts also advise board of directors and executive officers on diverse issues concerning company laws, corporate governance, takeover readiness, significant transactions, liabilities and disclosure issues.

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