Retail and Wholesale

Wholesale and retail distribution is a crucial part of a business and includes a series of financial as well as legal transactions. Globalization, price pressures and technology are driving modification and opportunities in the sector. India doesn’t have a particular law on retail and distribution, the sector is ruled underneath numerous laws such as contract law, competition law, consumer protection law, employment laws, tax laws, foreign exchange laws and alternative allied laws. In view of the enormous client base, purchasing capability, complete awareness and demand, economical and reasonable infrastructure and resources, and genial legal and regulative atmosphere, India has become an attractive marketplace for international firms.

Further, the government’s favorable foreign investment policies have helped promote investments in numerous sectors. All aspects post producing like product labelling, sale and distribution, export, promoting and advertising content, shipping, transportation, delivery, etc are regulated through various laws. Chandrawat and Partners provide an integrated team with specialist business experience. Our attorneys have deep understanding of law, business, policy and supply solution-oriented recommendation to our clients at each stage of the dealings.

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