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India – Australia bilateral relations

India – Estonia bilateral relations


Estonia has been under the jurisdiction of Embassy of India in Helsinki since 1991. In 2012, a “visa representation centre” was established in the town hall square of Tallinn, with then Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet declaring that Estonia would establish an embassy in New Delhi soon after. Plan to set up a new resident embassy in Estonia was announced 30 December 2020.


Raveesh Kumar is the current Indian Ambassador to Estonia.


The main products that India exported to Estonia are Activated Carbon ($5.64M), Insulated Wire ($3.36M), and Stone Processing Machines ($3.13M). During the last 26 years the exports of India to Estonia have increased at an annualized rate of 12.1%, from $4.23M in 1995 to $82M in 2021.

While Indian investment in Estonia is small-scale and is in the commercial and food sector, Estonia has no direct investment in India. However, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet has expressed desire to improve economic ties and appoint a non-resident ambassador and open its own embassy besides two existing honorary embassies.

India has signed the Joint Business Council Agreement with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce.


India has long-standing historical links with Estonia. India recognised the Republic of Estonia on 9th September 1991 and Diplomatic Relations were established on 2nd December of the same year. Since then the bilateral relations continued to be cordial and friendly.


Estonia and India have several agreements on co-operations on subjects varying from Science and Technology to Culture, Education, Science, Sports, Arts, Mass Media, Tourism and Youth Affairs. In 1999 India and Estonia signed a joint business council agreement to increase investment and trade between the two countries.

  • MOU on Cooperation in Biotechnology and Higher Education (signed in October 2013)
  • MOU on Cooperation on Capacity Building etc. in e-Governance (signed in February 2014)
  • Agreement on Transfer of Sentenced Persons (signed on 15 November, 2016; effective from 1 March, 2017).
  •  MOU on cooperation in ICT, e-Gov, Cyber Security between the State of Telangana and the Government of the Republic of Estonia signed in October 2018. (yet to be implemented)
  • MOU for Cooperation in e-Governance and emerging digital technologies (signed in August 2019)
  • MOU for Cooperation in Cyber Security (signed in August 2019). India and Estonia formalised on 25 January, 2023, the Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) extending the current MOU for Cooperation in Cyber Security for another period of 3 years.
  • MOU for Waiver of Visas for diplomatic passport holders (singed in August 2019)
  • Mutual Recognition of Vaccine Certificate (MRVC) through exchange of Note Verbales (October 2021)
  • An Agreement was signed on 10 February, 2023 between Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) and CybExer Technologies in furtherance of bilateral MOU on Cooperation in the areas of Cyber Security

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