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Arbitration has become significant mode of dispute resolution in the present time as the parties seek expeditious adjudication which is not as complex as litigation. Arbitration provides the parties with autonomy and liberal procedure and has been successful in providing cogent decisions. The world has shifted to dispute resolution mechanism such as arbitration and mediation, irrespective of what legal field the issue pertains to. Arbitration can allow parties to resolve the disputes as per their convenience.

Domestic arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism which is often preferred by the parties from same jurisdictions who intend to avoid the recourse of court. In domestic arbitration, the parties involved are either nationals or habitual residents of the country. It is administered in a country where both parties belong to, however the seat of arbitration may vary as per the choice of parties.

In India, the governing law for domestic arbitration depends on whether the parties opt for institutional arbitration or ad hoc arbitration. In institutional arbitration, the proceedings are governed by the rules of the arbitration institution to which the parties refer their dispute and in ad hoc arbitration, the proceedings are governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Our Expertise

We have a specialized team of experts dealing with matters pertaining to domestic arbitration. We assist our clients in proceedings before arbitral tribunals, the courts and raising or challenging claims and enforcement of arbitral awards. We analyze the clients’ requirements and accordingly suggest them the recourse which best serves their interest, from initial drafting of arbitral agreement to enforcement of arbitral awards. We not only provide our expertise and services during the arbitral proceedings but also assist clients in pre and post award proceedings.

We undertake matters from various fields of law subjected to arbitration, our team of arbitrators and lawyers are well equipped with experience and legal acumen to handle the cases and provide desirable solutions to the clients. Our team has been successfully advising and representing clients in complex legal issues of arbitration. Apart from arbitration, we have been actively advising and representing clients in other additional dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation, conciliation and negotiations.

Our team along with handling ad hoc arbitration matters, also has vast experience and commands exemplary skills for representing clients under various arbitration regimes. Our international presence allows us to advise our clients in best possible way with regard to which arbitral regime is appropriate for them.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services in the area of arbitration such as:

  1. Drafting and vetting arbitration agreements
  2. Providing expertise to clients with regard to seat and venue of arbitration
  3. Providing expertise on appointment of arbitrators​
  4. Consulting and representing clients over arbitration applications/petitions before the High Courts and Supreme Court​
  5. Representing clients before arbitral tribunals
  6. Enforcement and challenging enforcement of arbitral award
  7. Providing expertise to clients on mediation and negotiations
  8. Providing expertise to clients on conciliation

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