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India –  Belgium bilateral relations

India – Belgium bilateral relations


Bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Kingdom of Belgium have evolved and prospered over the years. India’s Embassy in Brussels, operational since 1948, and Belgium’s embassy in New Delhi, opened in 1947, have been crucial in fostering this relationship. The striking architectural masterpiece of Belgium’s embassy in New Delhi, designed by Satish Gujral and constructed in 1984, stands as a testament to the enduring bond between the two nations.

Bilateral Trade:

Economic Ties: India and Belgium boast robust trading links, with India ranking as the second-largest importer and the fifth-largest exporter of Belgian products. This strong economic connection underscores the mutually beneficial partnership that both countries have developed over the years.

Support for India’s Global Role: Belgium, recognizing India’s growing influence, has consistently supported India’s quest for a permanent seat in the expanded United Nations Security Council. The former Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Steven Vanackere, emphasized India’s rightful place in global governance and reiterated Belgium’s unwavering support for India’s aspirations in the United Nations.

Shared Values: The close ties between India and Belgium extend beyond economic interests. Both countries cherish the shared values of democracy, pluralism, and the rule of law, creating a strong foundation for their diplomatic relations.

Royal Visit: A significant milestone in the relationship was the seven-day visit to India by King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium in November 2017. This royal visit further underscored the depth and significance of the partnership between the two nations.

Diamond Trade: Antwerp, a city in Belgium, is renowned for its diamond trade. It’s worth noting that a significant number of Indian diamond merchants hailing from Gujarat and Rajasthan have a prominent presence in Antwerp, contributing to the thriving diamond industry that connects the two countries.

Global Partnership: India and Belgium have consistently considered themselves global partners, reflecting the interconnectedness of the contemporary world. The government of India, in 2008, acknowledged the importance of this partnership, characterizing Belgium and India as collaborators in an increasingly globalized world.


The bilateral relations between India and Belgium have grown and flourished, encompassing not only a strong economic partnership but also shared values and diplomatic cooperation. Belgium’s steadfast support for India’s global aspirations, the royal visit in 2017, and the thriving diamond trade are all testaments to the depth and significance of the relationship. As both countries continue to strengthen their ties, they contribute to a more interconnected and dynamic global landscape.

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