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Asset recovery refers to the task of recovering assets that have been unlawfully taken, whether stolen, fraudulently misused, or otherwise disposed of in order to deprive them of their rightful owners. Fraud and asset recovery matters often require a range of specialist legal skills that our global platform can deliver.

Our team includes specialists in financial services fraud, who have decades of experience of fraud claims for and against banks, funds, and senior employees/directors of companies in the financial services sector. We often manage fraud claims with concurrent parallel proceedings including civil, criminal, regulatory and arbitration proceedings, domestically and abroad. 

As a full service law firm, we are competent to call upon lawyers from a wide range of related specialist areas including regulatory, insurance, tax, employment and labor, information governance, privacy and cyber security, real estate, construction, shipping and transport, financial services and regulation, bankruptcy, financial restructuring and insolvency.

Our global fraud and asset recovery lawyers advise on complex, high value, cross border fraud and asset tracing matters including cyber fraud, misrepresentation, accounting fraud,  asset dissipation, bribery and secret commissions, invoice fraud,  banking fraud, money laundering and white collar crime.

Our asset tracking team has extensive expertise in locating, identifying, and freezing stolen assets.  We can also assist our clients in recovering assets through civil remedies and acting as court appointed receivers for the seizure and management of assets recovered.

Team’s professional skill and ethics is our most valuable asset. We are dedicated towards offering the best possible service to our clients.

Our team has extensive experience of bringing and defending:

  1. fraud claims
  2. multi-jurisdictional and domestic asset tracing
  3. freezing injunctions, in support of domestic and foreign proceedings
  4. other injunctions, including search and seizure order, receivership orders and gagging.

The five processes we usually follow for discovering and recovering assets are asset identification, asset ownership verification, mapping linked owners, mapping asset categories, and recovering the assets.

We can assist our clients with:

  1. Fraud prevention and detection training,
  2. Obtaining and reacting to freezing orders, search and seizure orders, disclosure orders, and foreign letters of request
  3. Counseling firms on how to undertake internal investigations into fraudulent activities and take decisive civil action to recover property and information on a regular basis
  4. Counseling firms on how to undertake internal investigations into fraudulent activities and take decisive civil action to recover property and information on a regular basis
  5. Guidance on how to proceed with actions against third parties for fraudulent business practices
  6. Raising claims for the return of funds invested in a failed property investment plan
  7. Defending a client who was accused of lying about a failed investment scheme
  8. Acting for a client who is facing a claim resulting from its workers’ unethical activities
  9. Investigations into corporate fraud
  10. White-collar crime, including anti-bribery, money laundering and extradition
  11. Litigation regarding insolvency
  12. Asset detection and recovery
  13. Asset restoration
  14. Obtaining an injunction relief

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