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The hallmark of our success has always been and continues to be our services of highest quality, performed by our proficient team who revere their profession and are devoted to our clients. Our experts remain dedicated to developing and maintaining long term relationships. The firm’s progress is due in large part to the success of our clients. We are honored to be able to contribute to our success and growth around the world in the legal sphere.

The firm’s rise to national and international prominence owes much to the founder and distinguished lawyers who followed in their footsteps, and their vision. Our culture and philosophy as a firm evokes a belief and strategy in constantly reaching further. Since our beginning, our experts have delivered focused, responsive and personalized services resulting in lasting relationships with our clients.

We pride ourselves on connecting with clients to handle all legal aspects of their businesses quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on quality service. Inspired by global change in the legal profession, our Managing Partner, Surendra Singh Chandrawat, with the vision of providing domestic and international clients a single platform for all legal solutions and plan for their future, established Chandrawat & Partners Law Firm in 2008.

From its inception the firm had a culture of client service and professionalism based on positive mutual respect, trust, and shared values. With a surge in the reputation and caseload, the firm is continuously hiring several established associates in the profession. We have built a large and loyal client base of individual clients and businesses of every size throughout a wide range of industries.

Over the years the firm has expanded its practice and has built a positive image for its pro bono services, making an affirmative difference within the community. Having expanded our service offerings during the past 13 years, the firm now serves as a full service law firm in India to meet the legal demands of domestic as well as international clients.

As the demand from domestic clients grew to handle their cross border legal issues, the firm expanded itself to international borders with its first foreign office in Hong Kong under the leadership of Surendra Singh Chandrawat. Our cultural strategy attracted the highly ranked professionals, who were already perceived as leaders in their community. Many such trained and experienced individuals joined the firm to value working together and share experiences.

As a major leap towards expanding our global network, the firm has explored its global network to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, Indonesia, India, Switzerland, Ireland, UAE, South Korea and other jurisdictions.

The firm has developed to meet the new legal challenges. Since the formation of the firm, an ongoing effort has been made by our team to pursue the goal of developing a network of expert lawyers; specialized in different practice areas, to provide a unique combination of skills and expertise to help clients resolve their most complex legal issues.

The firm owes its reputation to a renowned legal team, composed of experts and dedicated lawyers and legal assistants which enables it to combine experience, innovative thinking, integrity and diversity in its legal services. The firm stands proud and honored to be able to contribute to client’s success and growth across the Asia Pacific and around the world.

Perhaps the greatest legacy and the reason for our continued success has been the highest quality of legal work accomplished by our well prepared lawyers who honor their profession and are devoted towards their clients. What adds more is the quality of people and the culture on which the firm is built.

The firm continues to grow and expand, as it has since 2008, so as our clients grow and diversify, each day in every practice area, in every office, and by every professional at the firm, the commitment to comprehensive and superior client service and communities is affirmed. While the firm grows every day, we will never lose sight of our emphasis on integrity, experience, and results – values that have been at the heart of the firm.