Employment, Labour and Service Matters

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  1. Assistance in complying with employment and labour law
  2. Employment documentation
  3. Employee benefits and compensation
  4. Drafting employment policies for the companies
  5. Labour law advisory
  6. Law on sexual harassment of women at workplace
  7. HR audit
  1. Drafting and vetting of employment agreements, appointment letters, termination agreements, non competition agreements, non disclosure agreements and confidential agreements
  2. Advice on employee rights, employment contract, service contract, labour disputes and statutory benefits
  3. Structuring, transfer, termination, non compete issues of employees

Workplace sexual harassment: Legal perspective

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that affects individuals across various sectors and has far-reaching consequences. It is highly prevalent in India and there is a need to provide a positive environment to the women workers. Recognizing…            Read more

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