Oil, Gas and Natural Resources

Developing economies are witnessing an age of extraordinary demand for power generation and transmission. New technological opportunities and sustainable energies are creating a dynamic environment along with new emerging challenges related to climate change. Our global team serves clients in power, oil and gas, nuclear, energy trading and climate change. Our clients consist of energy companies, project sponsors, developers, corporations, governments, regulatory bodies and financial institutions.

Our associates possess expertise in representing energy companies and a wide variety of oilfield service providers globally. We not only advice on legal aspects but also assists our clients in the complete process, from production to distribution of natural resources and all related agreements. We also provide legal support to our clients that are developing and investing funds in renewable energies like wind, geothermal, solar and biomass facilities.

The Role of Arbitration in Oil and Gas Industry

Commercial arbitration is a method by which companies and other organisations agree to resolve disputes without having to go through litigation in a traditional court system.
Arbitration clauses are frequently found in contracts and agreements between…  Read more

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