The entertainment industry typically experiences rapid growth during periods of economic expansion. In recent years, the Indian economy has demonstrated robust growth, accompanied by increasing income levels. These favorable conditions have provided a significant boost to the entertainment sector and are poised to contribute to its continued growth.

The Indian entertainment landscape has undergone significant transformation over the past decade, creating new avenues for content monetization. While content owners and creators have a multitude of business opportunities, capitalizing on them necessitates a deep understanding of the nuances of the entertainment industry.

Chandrawat & Partners has emerged as an expert in handling litigation, negotiations, inquiries, and challenges related to entertainment law. Our team actively represents clients as stakeholders in evolving industry practices.

From rights acquisition to licensing and merchandising, our team has been involved in numerous transactions, offering invaluable insights and advice to our clients. We have effectively managed and resolved copyright disputes, licensing violations, domain name disputes, and empowered clients to make commercially sound decisions.

We also provide comprehensive support for entertainment mergers and acquisitions, investments, tax compliance, employment matters, regulatory issues, competition law, and technology integration, addressing the diverse needs of all our clients engaged in entertainment-related activities.

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