Having significant experience in the telecommunications sector our experts advise clients on the licenses, legal and regulatory issues relating to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). We represent our clients before the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), the STPI, and the TRAI. The Firm has a robust telecommunications law practice both in the litigation and the regulatory sphere. We have diverse experience in handling telecommunication issues involving in depth understanding of telecommunication laws and regulatory regimes/rules with technical expertise.

Our specialist lawyers have been regularly advising various companies with regard to mergers and acquisitions as well as agreements and contracts dealing with data processing, networking, and information technology. We have extensive experience in advising and assisting foreign companies on entry strategy, business options pertaining to decision making, regulatory structures, key negotiations in the realm of contracts, partnerships, and joint ventures, obtaining necessary approvals and licenses from the licensor, and on complex legal and regulatory issues.

Our technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) practice has noteworthy capabilities and in depth knowledge in this sector, both from a transactional and a regulatory standpoint. Our TMT lawyers have been involved in many transactions concerning telecom operators, media houses, and technology companies which allow us to provide industry specific tailored advice to our clients.

Net neutrality and telecom laws: A critical evaluation in the Indian context

The idea behind net neutrality is that all information on the internet should be handled similarly, without any content, services, or apps being given precedence over others. Internet service providers (ISPs) are expected to treat all data on the internet equally in a net….   
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The Telecommunication Act 2023: Promoting Competition And Innovation

The Telecommunication Act 2023 has been approved by Parliament to update and organize the rules for telecommunications. The main goals are to encourage competition and innovation in the field. This new law will replace the old Indian Telegraph Act…
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Exploring The Role Of Telecommunication Companies In The Digital Age

The Telecommunications Act of 2023, recently passed by the parliament, is deemed by many as exceptionally stringent legislation. It mandates government oversight over all forms of communication, whether transmitted, emitted, or received via wired,…
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