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Wealth disputes encompass disagreements related to an individual’s private wealth, often stemming from the intricate dynamics within family, business, and personal relationships. At our firm, we specialize in private wealth litigation, equipped with a deep understanding of the underlying concerns and emotions that permeate these disputes. Whether it involves family succession, business succession, partnership or shareholder disagreements, contested probate, trusts and estates disputes, or any other conflict, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions.


Private wealth litigation spans a wide array of claims, including:

  1. Contested Probate and Trusts: Disputes over the validity and distribution of wills and trusts.
  2. Court of Protection Disputes: Matters concerning mental incapacity and guardianship.
  3. Professional Negligence: Claims arising from errors in the administration of trusts and estates.
  4. Partner and Shareholder Disputes: Conflicts within businesses or family enterprises.
  5. Constructive Trust Claims: Legal actions asserting a party’s equitable interest in assets.
  6. Family and Business Succession: Issues related to the transfer of wealth and leadership within families and companies.
  7. Farming Partnerships and Agricultural Land Claims: Disputes over agricultural assets.

These cases often involve deeply personal and emotional factors that may not align with a court’s perspective. Emotions, moral convictions, and the desire to be heard can fuel litigation, leading to increased legal costs and potentially depleting the assets at stake.

Parties in wealth disputes are often well-acquainted with each other, if not connected through familial ties, intensifying the emotional and political aspects of these conflicts. We recognize that litigation may not always be the ideal avenue for resolution, considering the associated costs and the potential imposition of a solution that nobody desires in the long run. With expertise in every facet of private wealth litigation, we offer tailored solutions.


Our wealth managers operate within the finance sector, offering a range of services under titles such as financial consultants or financial advisors. Clients may opt to work with a dedicated wealth management team or a single wealth manager to access these services. We facilitate seamless communication with distribution partners, asset managers, insurance companies, and service providers to mitigate risk and enhance operational efficiency.


Our firm was established to cater specifically to the unique financial planning and management needs of high-net-worth individuals. Our services encompass financial planning and protection, business and retirement planning, and an array of offerings that align with our clients’ current and future financial and lifestyle goals. We blend a strategic commercial approach with personalized attention and unwavering client care.

Our research reports have garnered acclaim, and our delivery and support modules have been enhanced to provide clients with online portfolio information, ongoing updates, and value-added guidance on portfolio management, sector trends, and more. Additionally, our research team’s investment recommendations in the cash market have yielded a commendable success rate.

Our wealth dispute services cover a wide range of investment platforms, including:

  1. Direct Equity, Futures, and Options: Both online and offline trading platforms.
  2. Mutual Funds: Investments spanning various asset classes in Indian and international markets.
  3. Portfolio Management Services (PMS): Covering real estate, debt, and equity.
  4. Government and Corporate Deposits and Bonds: Investment options.
  5. Structured Products: Tailored wealth creation instruments.
  6. Life and General Insurance Products: Addressing risk management, investments, pension, and asset protection.

In conclusion, our commitment to resolving wealth disputes extends beyond litigation, encompassing comprehensive wealth management services designed to secure our clients’ financial well-being. With a combination of expertise, personalized attention, and a client-centric approach, we aim to empower our clients to navigate complex financial challenges successfully.

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