Production and Manufacturing

A number of problems confront your business from design development to brand protection, innovation to communication, managing supply chains to increasing production and from native market distribution to worldwide expansion—these are some of the challenges that need careful navigation. Each entity needs support from lawyers who completely perceive your business, and from a firm that has the agility and resources to assist you to respond to competitive pressures in a world marketplace.

Working along, we will make sure that you’re globally competitive these days and positioned to succeed tomorrow. Doing business in today’s manufacturing climate that’s in constant flux and challenged by multiple influences on profits, taxes and legal structures makes it tougher than ever to satisfy projections and different strategic goals much less pursue new opportunities. Facing these challenges with the proper legal partner has never been additional vital. From business formation to daily operations, at Chandrawat and Partners we know that sensible business matters each step of the method.

We tend to draw from our entire firm’s expertise in contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, employment problems, regulative compliance, product liability, judicial proceeding and alternative areas of experience to provide you with the legal information and perspective required to create, grow and defend your business.

Collaborative Manufacturing Ecosystems: Driving Innovation through Partnerships

The concept of collaborative manufacturing ecosystems is centered around the idea of companies working together to combine resources, lower costs, improve performance, and increase profits. These ecosystems involve various entities coming…              Read more

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