Fashion and Luxury goods

Leading international fashion and luxury brands seek investor-friendly environments where laws are clear, liberal, and easy to implement in-house. This places a significant responsibility on state governments and the legal fraternity to establish a legal framework that warmly welcomes top global brands to invest in the country with open arms. In an increasingly globalized and internet-based world, designers and retailers of fashion and luxury goods face unique challenges. This makes it crucial to have adaptable legal counsel who comprehends the specific issues prevalent in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.

Chandrawat and Partners possess extensive experience in the realms of retail and online distribution, branding, labeling, advertising, as well as licensing, anti-counterfeiting, gray market products, and compliance with import/export and customs requirements. We represent clients in intricate business and employment litigation and disputes, including the defense of class actions. Our advisory extends to business formation and structuring, joint ventures, franchise relationships, mergers, and acquisitions. Our mission is to provide robust legal support to fashion and luxury brands, allowing them to manufacture, market, and promote their niche products without the burden of legal technicalities.

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