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Pro bono is an integral part of our firm’s culture and history. We encourage our lawyers to make ongoing efforts and believe in giving back to the community. We strongly believe in holding a culture of actively providing pro bono assistance in addition to regular matters. We share our vision and serve socially and economically weaker sections by providing adequate legal advice.

We take up cases for people who cannot afford a lawyer when they are confronted with an issue. In doing so, we seek to provide support to create a ‘pro bono ethic’ across our network. In particular, we have devoted our expertise to providing quality legal advice on the pro bono basis to organizations working to promote social and economic justice.

The nature of assistance provided by us on a pro bono basis comprises quality research, preparation of advisory notes and memos, and proactive support at pre and post litigation stage. We select the legal matters to take up pro bono based on evolving current capacities, and once a matter is taken up by our lawyers, it is serviced with the same level of competence, professionalism, and sincerity as paid matters.

We regularly advise the development and human rights organizations working nationally as well as internationally, taking on projects in areas spanning from intellectual property, mental health law, corporate social responsibility, environmental law, privacy and data protection law, sexual harassment policies and processes amongst others.

Pro bono services and free consultation are provided in selected cases where litigant is unable to afford the fee. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with complete background of the matter