Real Estate

Besides having the capability to handle due diligence across the large urban and agricultural land titles, our practice at Chandrawat & Partners is also proficient in related land laws, industrial developments, and government lands allotments and leasing. Furthermore, the department is well versed in environmental law and contentious matters, standing out for its extensive experience in high value real estate financing, joint venture and private equity (PE) transactions and commercial leasing, acquisition of large parcels of land, leasing of commercial property and redevelopment matters.

Our team of proficient experts has been actively advising on corporate and commercial issues pertaining to sale, purchase, leasing, registration and related services in real estate industry. We tend to help clients with real estate transactions, zoning, financing, negotiations, contracts, disputes, litigation, employment problems, bonding and liens and a lot of as they approach complicated projects as well as daily construction situations and opportunities.

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