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We regularly provide legal counsel to a diverse range of computer game suppliers and gaming platforms. Our engagement extends to collaborating with various businesses on distribution, leverage, exploitation, and compliance with regulations governing online gaming services. In India, while there is no dedicated gaming law, a multitude of legal provisions, spanning different statutes, regulate both online and offline gaming activities.

Our team of lawyers has cultivated extensive expertise in advising clients on various facets of gaming, especially online gaming platforms. This includes addressing regulatory issues, white-label projects for gaming companies, content licensing initiatives, content clearance matters, brand protection, advertising law, terms and conditions, and privacy policies. We also handle negotiations for critical agreements in media, music, licensing, talent, and other areas on behalf of game publishers and e-sports teams. When necessary, we safeguard strategic intellectual property assets, including litigation support.

We have a track record of assisting clients in resolving disputes and navigating complex regulatory, commercial, and governance challenges within the gaming industry. In the physical world, we offer guidance on environmental and land issues related to data center operations and real estate concerns that may arise during the development of e-sports venues.

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