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India – Argentina bilateral relations


Bilateral relations between Argentina and India have thrived over the years, marked by diplomatic exchanges and growing economic partnerships. This article delves into the historical context of these relations and highlights the economic collaborations between the two nations.


Cultural Exchange: In a testament to the enduring ties between Argentina and India, the renowned poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore visited Argentina in 1924. During his two-month stay as the guest of Victoria Ocampo, Tagore composed a collection of poems titled “Purabi” inspired by his experiences in Argentina. In recognition of her contributions, Victoria Ocampo was conferred with an honorary doctorate by Viswa Bharati University in 1968.

Diplomatic Milestones: Diplomatic relations formalized when India established a Trade Commission in Buenos Aires in 1943, which later evolved into an embassy on February 3, 1949. Argentina reciprocated by establishing a consulate in Calcutta during the 1920s, which was later moved to Delhi as an embassy in 1950. In a further sign of diplomatic engagement, Argentina inaugurated a Consulate General in Mumbai in April 2009.

State Visits: High-level state visits have played a crucial role in strengthening relations. Argentine President Arturo Frondizi’s visit to India in December 1961 marked the first state visit by an Argentine President. Subsequent visits, including those by Presidents Reynaldo Bignone (1983), Raul Alfonsin (1985), Carlos Menem (1994), and Cristina Kirchner (2009), have continued to foster cooperation.

Indian Leadership: India’s leaders have reciprocated these visits, with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi undertaking the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Argentina in 1968. President Zail Singh’s visit in April 1984 and Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao’s attendance at the G-15 Summit in 1995 further solidified relations.

Economic Relations:

Corporate Presence: Several prominent Indian companies, including TCS, Wipro, CRISIL, Bajaj, Cellent, Cognizant Technologies, United Phosphorus Ltd (UPL), Synthesis Quimica, Glenmar, and Godrej, have established a robust presence in Argentina. As of 2013, these companies collectively employed approximately 7,000 Argentines, contributing significantly to the local job market.

Oil Exploration: In a significant development in the energy sector, ONGC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ENARSA, exploring the potential for joint ventures in oil exploration within Argentina.

Argentine Investments in India: Notably, Argentine companies such as IMPSA, Biosidus, and BAGO have ventured into the Indian market, further enhancing economic cooperation.

Investment Figures: Indian investments in Argentina reached $930 million in 2013, reflecting a growing interest in the South American nation. Simultaneously, Argentine investments in India amounted to $120 million in 2013, underscoring the mutual commitment to fostering economic collaboration.


The bilateral relations between Argentina and India, marked by a rich history of diplomatic engagements and burgeoning economic partnerships, continue to evolve. With the presence of multinational corporations from both countries and significant investments in diverse sectors, the ties between Argentina and India stand as a testament to the potential for fruitful international collaborations.

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