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Many countries have made comprehensive laws to protect the consumers and to oversee competition and curtail adverse market practices. The idea behind these laws is to provide an equal opportunity for small businesses that operates in a specific industry while restricting them from overpowering their competition.

Antitrust & Competition challenges are rising across the world as companies face risks and challenges in keeping up with the complex regulations and changing rules. The penalties for not complying can be huge.

It becomes essential to understand global antitrust and competition rules as it is a prudent and necessary party of any successful business strategy in today’s dynamic global economy. Antitrust & Competition laws are complex as they govern a broad range of business activities such as interaction with competitors, supplier and customer arrangements, participation in joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions, etc. Therefore, these laws make an impact on every aspect of a company’s business plan and activities.    

Whether a business is large or small, if there are considerations of forming a business alliance, moving to capture a new market, taking steps to deal with its competitors, or planning for new marketing and distribution strategies, such moves require a solid advice of antitrust and competition laws. The risks and consequences of non compliance of these laws can be severe. 

How we can help?

Our internationally ranked competition team works together to advice our clients to tackle with multinational antitrust issues, considering the interplay between different practices and regulations. We advise our clients worldwide on the complexities in cross border transactions. We advise on mandates in contentious and non contentious matters.

Our team has evolved over a period and has developed strong and nuanced expertise, advising clients on domestic and international level across traditional as well as new digital age.  We are equipped with substantive depth and deep industry knowledge which makes us efficient in handling our client’s complex antitrust & competition law challenges.

Our team possesses extensive knowledge which spans the spectrum of antitrust and competition law. We provide full range of services from obtaining various kinds of global premerger approvals, to representing our clients in responding to investigations by government authorities and proving defense facilities in class action and competitor lawsuits.  

We regularly represent clients in original proceedings and appeals before the Competition Commission of India (CCI), the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), various High Courts and the Supreme Court. Our team also assist domestic and international clients in merger filings before the Competition Commission.

Our expertise includes advice in relation to:

  1. Anti competitive agreement
  2. Abuse of dominant position
  3. Damages actions
  4. Due process
  5. Antitrust policies
  6. Non compete agreements, non disclosure agreements, definitive agreements, franchise agreements and term sheets
  7. Dawn raids
  8. Leniency applications
  9. Concession agreements
  10. Drafting, filing and litigation, assistance in relation to leniency applications
  11. Assessment of combinations and combination filings
  12. Joint ventures
  13. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  14. Licensing and franchising
  15. Competition audit
  16. Compliance and training programs
  17. Anti trust dispute resolution

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