Construction & Real Estate

The legal needs of the construction industry are multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of stakeholders, from developers and extensive design and construction teams to public entities. We have proudly represented a diverse clientele, spanning multiple practice areas and bringing specialized knowledge to the forefront.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to our clients, addressing the complexities of real estate transactions, zoning, financing, negotiations, contract management, dispute resolution, litigation, employment issues, bonding, and liens. We stand by our clients as they navigate intricate projects and seize opportunities in both complex construction ventures and daily construction operations.

As the construction industry experiences continued growth, driven by increased investments and technological advancements, our role has been to guide clients through the intricate and high-stakes world of construction and real estate deals. We offer strategic advice related to construction, real estate investments, securing financing, and property development.

Our team has cultivated strong relationships with leading organizations operating in the construction sector. This network enables us to assist investors, lenders, and real estate developers in a diverse array of transactions, including investments from both domestic and international sources.

We routinely engage in the negotiation and drafting of sale and purchase agreements, loan documents, residential and commercial leases, as well as general contractor and subcontractor agreements. Our expertise extends to resolving disputes, leveraging our experience and skill to find efficient resolutions.

While legal proceedings may sometimes be unavoidable, our primary focus is on structuring effective contract-based approaches to dispute resolution, ensuring that clients have the tools and strategies to resolve issues before they escalate to court proceedings.

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