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Protecting data against internal and external threats

Data security has become a critical issue for all industries. With new policies and legal requirements being introduced regularly, it has become imperative for companies to safeguard their important data. From a regulatory standpoint, financial firms are expected to follow financial acts which are comprehensive and specific in procedures for data storage to transaction over wide area networks.

The frequency and magnitude of data breaches are increasing. Enterprises today have data in such large volumes that it becomes practically impossible for them to store, retrieve and share data with convenience. Our certified advisors help clients in designing, planning, setup and installations, restoration and database upgrades and provide effective round the clock monitoring of database.

We offer unique database management solutions to business which enables them to support mission critical applications and ensures business continuity. We deliver expert remote DBA support and define goals with strategized implementation and carry out business analytics on enterprise data.

Our dedicated team of lawyers and IT professionals work closely in designing and implementing data security processes. As a part of this sector, our professionals conduct regular audits as well as data mapping to determine risk and threats not only to this but also from the long run perspective at the client site, and help to develop or revise data protection policies and implement data transfer and sharing strategies.

As huge amount of data base are flowing freely across countries, the possibilities of the data been compromised is additionally on the verge. With multiple overlaps of authorities, and access controls the chance of security incidents and breaches are getting higher.

We assist clients in understanding complexities of cyber security, data privacy laws and related regulations. Our team assist clients in preventing all kinds of data loss and help them in controlling and minimizing incidental responses and provide best in class data security solutions. We have represented a number of clients in litigating data security related lawsuits.

We can help our clients in this journey through the following service offerings:

Data governance

Our security and privacy professionals can work with you to make sure you have got an entire inventory of the information you have got collected in your enterprise and where it’s stored.

Data leakage

Our proficient team can assist in determining where all of the critical data resides and what data is leaking. We work with our clients to style an information leakage prevention strategy, select and tune the foremost appropriate technologies, implement overall data leakage prevention program, and evaluate results.

Encryption and storage strategy

Our professionals can facilitate client priorities and ensure to secure information. We are competent to assist in building a method, identifying appropriate data to specialize in, and guiding on a way to manage complex business environment and helping in implementing effective solutions.

We can assist clients with

  1. Regulatory compliance with privacy and data security regulations
  2. Privacy related claims and disputes
  3. Privacy statements for online activities
  4. Litigation relating to cyber attacks, data breaches, data disclosures, misuse of intellectual property and trade secrets, computer abuse, cyber torts, cyber stalking and harassment and related issues
  5. Reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts, data processing and data transfer agreements

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